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Belfast Marthoma Congregation is probably the smallest congregation of MarThoma church world wide having only about 20 active members .Since the formation in 2005 this small vibrant congregation has been taking active role in supporting various missionary activities of our mother church in India

Year 2005- Metropolitan's marriage aid fund ( Rs.50,000/-)

Year 2006-  Niranam Maramon diocese-Aid for Flood relief food kit at Kakkathuruth ,Thiruvalla ( Rs.15,000/-).& Aid for house roof at  Ranni -(Rs10,000), Mar Chrysostum Metropolitan's dalit children's fund (Rs.25,000/-) 

Year 2007 - sponsored construction of  one house- MAR CHRYSOSTOM NAVATHY PROJECT of MarThoma church- ( Rs.62,514/-)

Year 2008- Financial aid (Rs.150,000/-)  for MarThoma Mission Hospital,Chugathara for partly sponsoring cost of  new X ray machine. ( Joint venture with Dublin parish ).

Year 2009- Education aid for Nursing students ( Rs 25000 each x 4 students and Rs 10,000 x 7 students)

Year 2010- Medical aid for Evangelists & families in the mission fields of Karnataka & Andhra states (Rs.100,000/- ) & Marriage aid for daughter of Evangelist  in the mission fields of Karnataka & Andhra states (Rs.100,000/- )

Year 2011- Roof for roofless in Thiruvalla ( Rs.50,000/-),

Year 2012- Education aid for Children of Evangelist in Kerala ( Rs 25,000 x 2 students)

Year 2013- Education  financial aid (Rs.50,000/-)

Year 2014- Nursing student's education aid