Church History Church History Apostle Thomas Saint Thomas arrived in Malabar coast in AD 52 188533927 Mar Thoma Cross Model of ancient Indo-Persian cross, popularised by the ancient Church of the East in 1st century 188533826 MarThoma Thaksa West Syriac Liturgy used in Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar 188533829 Mar Thoma I of Malabar Throne 188533828 Mar Thoma XIII of Malabar Throne L.L.Mathews Mar Athanasius Metropolitan of blessed memory 188533827 Mar Thoma XX of Malabar Throne His Grace The Most Rev.Philipose Mar Chrysostum MarThoma , Emeritus Metropolitan 188533902 Mar Thoma XXI of Malabar Throne Most Rev.Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan of Malabar, The present Primate of the Mar Thoma Church 188533903